HarbourWise Training Solutions is a privately owned company that delivers safe & effective operational training techniques globally for the most challenging projects. With over 18 years as a tug master and the past 9 years as a training master, Capt. Shane Rommann started HarbourWise Training Solutions based in Vancouver, Canada

HarbourWise offers a full variety of skill sets to fit all operational needs with ASD or Conventional style tugs and whether it’s Towing Barges in confined waters, Off Shore Terminal Support or Coastal Towing Practices our experience and commitment to excellence is #1.

Responsible and effective tug operation is the only way to succeed in such a competitive marine market. We not only provide a smooth transition for crews moving up in the ranks but provide the most experienced operators with skilled operational goals . Incident investigation, Crew Assessments, Risk Assessment & Operational Consulting only name a few focuses during site visits. We at Harbourwise Inc. also see LNG Operations is a primary focus in todays market and have consultancy and direct training involvement with several start up operations globally. As a new fleet of ASD tugs are usually involved with supporting these projects there are a multitude of tasks that need to be considered prior to beginning operational support. Escorting Techniques, Emergency Response Procedures, Risk Assessments and Effective Pilot & Tug Communication methods to name a few. HarbourWise will provide safe and effective methods for operational  readiness without compromise.


HarbourWise Training Solutions provides a broad range of training styles & techniques that work. Either onsite, on board or in a classroom environment we bring hands on experience . Technology is changing our wheelhouse and challenging the style of operating techniques required to safely utilize tugs . On board training techniques show the best results when training or assessing crews as skill sets are built on operational experience. Training techniques  vary from ordinary step by step tug maneuvering to high level precision regimes that are set up to test the full capabilities of the master and maximum versatility of the vessel. All projects vary, thus HarbourWise will design assessments and training regimes that will ensure a safe and effective working area.

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